Mythology Body is founded in painstakingly researched ancient herb-lore. Our products are a combination of time-honored natural wisdom with a smattering of modern science and a lot of deep old magic. By delving into almost every ancient herb text that we could find, studying the practices of historical natural healers and sourcing out the best, purest materials, we've created very special recipes of body care sorcery that nurture you in a magically wholesome way.

Although we can't tell you our secret spells and formulas, we can tell you exactly what goes into our bubbling cauldrons. Every ingredient that resides in our products is listed here with a full explanation of the whithers and whyfores. If you have any other questions, click over to the contact page and call or email me. I'd be delighted to have a chance to tell you more!

Oatmeal Not just for eating! Believe it or not, our loving Mother Nature has given Oatmeal potent properties that sooth and calm irritated skin. Its creamy soluble components carry the same pH as human skin (and your pets too!) so smoothing it on helps with sunburn, rash, poison ivy, or just plain old chapping. It's a great additive to our creams, lotions and soaks.

Cornmeal Put away the frying pan and the catfish, because when we use Cornmeal, it's for our soap! Cornmeal is a gentle (yet coarse) scrubbing agent that is best used on rough body parts like elbows and knees. It's made from the dried corn that has been steel ground into little granules. They don't dissolve in water so it's perfect for washing those body parts that get extra dirty. We always toss in a handful when making our deep cleaning soaps.

Cornstarch Not just for gravy! Made from ground corn, it's a delicate white powder that keeps your (and your baby's) skin smooth and dry by absorbing moisture. All of our body powders are formulated with a considerable sum of this silky powder.

Note: We DO NOT use talc in our powers. We have done lots of checking and talc really isn't very safe. In our minds, it has some properties that are much too close to derivatives of asbestos to be put on the human body. Especially considering that powder is generally used in some very sensitive areas!

Arrowroot We do love our powder, and here is another reason why. The Arrowroot plant is a native of tropical moist climates. When the roots are dug up and pounded, they release a liquid, and when that liquid separates, an insoluble starch sinks to the bottom. Once harvested and dried in the sun, it makes for the silkiest smoothest addition to our body powders to help keep you smooth and fresh.

Loofah Because of its wonderful scrubby texture, people often think the loofah is a grain, but it's really a vegetable. Also known as Chinese Okra, when the fruit is allowed to mature to its fullest, it becomes inedible because of the tough viney tendons inside. Chop up the fruit of the plant and dry it out, and you get a loofah, a fantastic cleansing instrument! We like it better than the sea sponge because it's a much more renewable resource. (Coral Sea sponges can take 50 years or more to grow back. Can you imagine!?)

Walnut Shells You wouldn't believe how versatile they are. You can eat the nuts, cook or paint with the oils, and wash with the shells. That's right! We get our shells from local farmers ground up fine like gentle beach sand and stir them into our soaps and cleansing creams. Gentle enough for the face, the tiny grains slough off dead skin, leaving behind smooth clean perfection.

Rose Essence Just as it sounds, essences of different parts of rose petals that are proven to have strong antibacterial and antimicrobial abilities. Add a little here and there and we greatly extend the life of our lotions, creams and other fun stuff! Safe and all-natural!

Grain Alcohol Also known as bathtub booze! Buy yourself some grain, add water, ferment, boil and let it pass through some swirly pipes and that's it! A powerful antiseptic and antibiotic, we put a few drops here and there in some of our product to act as an antibacterial so that no little amoeboids and microbes can contaminate you.

Biopein Currently Patent Pending by our friends at Bio-botanicals! Biopen is a proprietary blend of botanical extracts, and has been shown to possess both anti-microbial and stabilizing properties, making it an ideal choice for an all natural preservative. They took the best all-natural preservatives out there and blended them together to make one potent protector!

Dead Sea
Imagine this, the Dead Sea has a salinity 8.6% greater than the world's oceans and was the location of the first historically recorded health resort. The salts that line the shoreline from evaporation are not just exfoliates which strip away layers of dirt and oil, they also have wonderful antiseptic qualities and are great for killing infections.

Sugar A sweet treat for your delicate parts! We use unrefined unbleached sugar in some of our scrubs because they are more gentle than salt for some people. The thing about salt scrub is that even if it's really refined, the antiseptic properties can sting very sensitive skin as it draws out impurities. Sugar, on the other hand doesn't act the same way. It's simply a great exfoliate. For example, after shaving you wouldn't want to scrub that skin with salt because it could sting. By using sugar instead, the skin is soothed while being cleansed.

Baking Soda More than for making your muffins puffy, this mineral is an excellent deodorant and skin soother. It's a light white dust, like cornstarch, that we put into our powders to add extra silkiness (and odor control!).

Kaolin Clay Everyone knows that you got in trouble for being in the mud as a kid. But we at Mythology Body take a different approach. Clay mud is good for you! It smoothes and absorbs oils and impurities to create a refined finish on your skin. It's very versatile and we use it in our concoctions both wet and dry!

   No Animals ever harmed or tested upon!

Beeswax An amazing substance secreted from the Honeybee. It helps smooth dry and chapped skin, retains moisture and coats wounds. It's also a delightful natural thickener that can be added to a variety of different oils to make them firm and absorbent, rather than greasy.

Milk Oh, the luxury of a real milk bath! Its healthy properties add moisture and elements to the skin that leave it baby-soft, smooth and protected with no oily residue.

Shea Butter Not really a butter at all, but rather an extract from the wonderful Shea nut from Africa. Ground and worked like dough, it releases a terrific buttery oil that's really rich and thick and ooey-gooey wonderful WITHOUT being greasy. We use a hearty helping for both our creams and our soaps.

Jojoba Oil Here's the tricky thing about Jojoba. It's not really an oil, but more of a wax and what's really special about it is that it's very close to the type of oil your own skin produces (called Sebum) so it's non-comodogenic, non-greasy and is quickly absorbed. It contains a few special components; but a really magic one is Myristic acid. This interesting little element is an anti-inflammatory. So, it's great for skin conditions as well for the healing of scars.

Coconut Oil All the brainiacs in modern science labs couldn't have made anything more amazing. With a delightful tropical scent, coconut oil is solid when at room temperature, but when you touch it, your delicate 98.6 degree temperature melts it on contact. Rich and smooth, it'll glide over your skin making you feel as soft as a newborn. Many masseuses like to use our coconut based creams instead of silicone because they're not messy and last for a very long time on the skin, requiring almost no reapplication.

Sweet Almond Oil There are two types of almonds in the world, the sweet and the bitter and we're very careful about which one we use. The sweet almond, when dried and pressed, releases a very nutritious oil that can be both eaten and externally applied. It's a terrific oil to combine with vitamin E and sunflower oils to create a fat rich all-round skin delight.

NEVER EVER use any product that has used bitter almond. Bitter almonds are full of cyanide and believe it or not, can kill you in a relatively small dose either ingested or applied to the skin.

Vitamin E Oil In my humble opinion, I have never seen any oil on the market heal the skin as quick as 100% Vitamin E oil. Extracted from Soy and/or Sunflowers, the oil is as thick as glue and creates a strong sealant between the skin and the air, adding and locking in moisturizing emollients. One absorbed, soap and water can't even cut through it. It's like a wetsuit! Great for weather-chapped skin and quick hydration without the sting!

Olive Oil The earliest and safest spa product in the history of the world. One of the lightest and gentlest, too! It's the most versatile oil out there and one of our biggest base materials. We always have clay jars full of it in the workshop because it goes into almost all our pure soaps, lotions, creams, balms and elixirs.

Sunflower Oil How do you capture the glory of the sunbeam without getting burned? By taking it from the Sunflower. This precious oil is gifted with vitamins A, D and E and has minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron and phosphorous. A refreshing and light skin softener, it's quickly and gently absorbed by even the most sensitive of skin types.

Rosehip Seed Oil Discovered at the roots of the Andes Mountains, the seeds of this delicate rose bush hold one of the greatest anti-wrinkle compounds of all time: Retinol! After the seeds are dried, they're ground and pressed to release this unusual oil. It's an ideal application for scabs, acne, dermatitis and sunburn. We use it in our face and hand creams for healing, soothing and anti-aging.

Essential Oils We've got almost all of them! Essence of Lavender, Apple blossoms, Roses, Juniper, Jasmine, Beach Grass, Gladiolus, Freesia, Cucumber and Pine, just to name a tiny few! I LOVE opening my fragrance cabinet! Just the swing of the cabinet door is enough to waft these delicious scents throughout the entire house. Basically, unless you see the word "unscented" next to one of our products, Essential Oils are in everything we craft.

Note: Why no Musk? Because it's made from the glands of a certain type of deer and we don't do anything that will harm those sentient beings with whom we share the earth!

A Note on Preservatives

Mythology Body is all-natural, but why not preservative-free? Toss your old prejudices about preservatives aside and let me explain! Like it or not, your entire body is covered in microorganisms. Although our product is shipped to you clean and sterile, the moment you touch it, if it doesn't have any antibacterial and antifungal properties, you contaminate it and it rapidly starts to spoil due to what you've passed to it. We don't want you putting anything contaminated on your body, so we use a variety of all-natural preservatives to protect you. You can see them in the list above: Grain Alcohol, Rose Essence and Biopeine are our preservatives of choice because they are natural, gentle and safe!